Excavation and Demoltion
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At Snow Bear Construction we have worked with many excavators in the foothills and usually had scheduling conflicts or a significant amount of  re do to meet our standards. So we chose to do our own excavation, demolition and backfill. We use our equipment to regularly dig foundations for houses, additions . barns, buildings and shops. All our elevations are set using lasers and we know the math to square our foundations. we also dig retaining walls and install Key Stone block.     

Demolition and removal of debris of burned out house on I 70 Corridor. We later placed all new flatwork and reframed house. 

We also do demolition of houses , additions and barns. 

This photo shows many of our construction disciplines. Having completed excavation, wall forming and placing, backfill, deck footings and steel for subfloor all  by Snow Bear Construction. additionally, this photo depicts a small platform where ladders are located that  has a slab where water enters for pressure tank and other utilities.

This is a typical driveway replacement. We utilize either our 550 lb. or 90 lb. hydraulic breakers to tear out damaged concrete. We recycle all concrete and use recycled concrete to fill all settled grades , then reinforce and replace with proper joints and finish.

Same drive as above with Keystone wall and additional parking all by Snow Bear Construction